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Listing ID: 239188

Three Properties On Enormous Lot In Remigio Crespo Area Being Sold Together.


Veronica Arpi

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Listing ID: 239188


Veronica Arpi

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Beds: 7

Baths: 5.5

SqMts: 600

If you are looking for both a home and an investment property—and maybe even a guest house—in Cuenca, then you must let us show you this amazing property(ies) before you make any real estate decisions, because this will end your search!

This listing is actually for three properties together on the same massive 8,000 square foot lot in the middle of Cuenca—in one of its most popular neighborhoods!

On Lorenzo Piedra, close to Remigio Crespo (but far enough away to be peaceful), this area offers families all their shopping and dining needs. And if you’re planning to rent the second home and suite, Remigio Crespo offers the nightlife visitors to Ecuador are often looking for.

Now first off, these properties don’t need any real work. That said, as always, you may want to change some cosmetic things to meet your tastes. However, the properties are only about 15 years old and are in excellent condition, and as they stand, they are ready to be lived in and enjoyed by you and your families or guests!

Combined, they offered 6,500 square feet of living space!

The largest home has 4 bedrooms and all the common living and dining areas. The other house has 3 bedrooms and the other typical spaces. The suite has one bedroom and living and dining areas.

Each of these homes can enjoy the use of the large open space and the wonderful, heated pool and outdoor bar! Yes, pools are almost non-existent in Cuenca, but they are fabulous if you heat them!

Finding this much space, in the middle of the city, is near impossible. As you’ve probably learned, houses are commonly built right on the lot lines, and backyard space is almost unheard of.

And you’ve probably also found that having a personal home and a second home or investment property (or 2) next to each other is impossible in Cuenca. This type of situation just doesn’t happen here!

All of these properties, with the massive outdoor space, heated pool and great location are being offered together for $700,000. Yes, we know, that’s too low! So come check all of this out now, before it’s too late!