Submitting a real estate listing on Punto Sur Propiedades is quick and easy. We understand that the majority of our users uploading listings are real estate agents or agencies who do not have a lot of time to spend uploading listing after listing.

Submitting a listing can take as little as a few minutes to 5-10 minutes. It really depends on how much material you already have ready and if you want to submit listings in one or two languages. Although submitting in multiple languages generally takes a bit longer, it does allow a broader audience to be able to view, read, and understand your property’s information.

We have a very easy and simple submission form you can use to upload all the information you need. You can watch the short video tutorial below or scroll down to see a list of steps and you will have your listing uploaded in no time.

Note: Creating listings on Punto Sur Propiedades requires that you have an account. Registration is free and can be accomplished by clicking ‘Register’.

  1. Click on the ‘Create Listing’ option on the top menu bar of the website. There are other places on the site that you can find this same link, but for purposes of this guide, we will use the one in the menu bar.
  2. If you are not already logged into your account, you will be prompted to login. Otherwise you will be taken to the listing submission form.
  3. Set the language you would like to create your listings in. You can select English, Spanish, or both.
  4. Select the country, province, and city where you listing is located. The map on the right will zoom to the province, then city as you make your selections.
  5. The next step is to place the marker on the map showing where you listings is located. Use the Google Map plus and minus signs to zoom in or out or use your mouse’s scroll button to zoom. Clicking on the map will place a circle on the map. Your listing should be within this area. After clicking, a new setting appears on the left side below the city field labeled ‘Area radius’. You can use this slider to reduce or increase the size of the area that shows where your listing is located.
  6. Continue selecting options and filling our fields in the form to complete your listing’s information.
  7. If you selected to submit your listing in both languages, you will notice a section labeled ‘Language: English’ that contains ‘Title’, ‘Description’, and ‘Features’. These fields are repeated below under ‘Language: Spanish’ where you can upload the same information in Spanish.
    1. The features section is to add additional details about your listing. Example: Garage – 2 cars. Click the ‘Add Feature’ to add more fields. On the left of each row of fields are two icons. The red with a trash can is to delete the row. Click and hold the grey button with 3 lines to change the order of the features.
  8. Under the Google Maps you will see a large rectangle and a button within it labeled ‘Select Files’. You can drag your listing’s images to this area or press the button to open your computers explorer. You can drag and drop the images to be in the order you want. The first image is the featured image, or main image used for your listing.
    1. You will notice two icons in the right hand corner of the image. Use the X to delete the image or the edit icon to add captions to your images.
    2. If you selected to upload a bilingual listing, you can set captions in both languages.
  9. Click the Create Listing button at the bottom of the form to complete and submit your listing. You will be shown a success message if all the mandatory fields are filled correctly.
    1. Errors will be highlighted in the form. Correct them and then retry submitting your listing.
    2. On success, you can click to upload another listing, or click ‘Go to My Account page’ to activate your listing.