Following a listing is a very useful feature. If there is a house or property that you are interested in purchasing or renting, you may consider following it. This allows you to be notified of prices changes or status changes (such as sold or rented). It also allows you to quickly find the listing at a later time by simply going to your ‘Following’ tab in your account.

Here is how to follow a listing:

  1. Find the listings you would like to follow and click on it to open the hover window.
  2. On the top bar on the right hand side, click the star icon.
  3. If you are already logged in, you are done; you are now following the listing.
  4. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to login or register.
  5. If you have an account, login. If you do not have an account, complete the registration process. By the way, registration is FREE.
  6. Once you are registered, you will already be following the listing.

See what listings you are following:

  1. Login to your account by clicking the login link in the menu (look for the key icon)
  2. Once logged in, the key icon will change to a user icon with the word ‘Account’ below it, click it, and click ‘My Account’ from the drop down menu.
  3. On your account page, click the tab at the top that says ‘Follows’.
  4. Here you can see the list of listings that you are following.
  5. You can unfollow a listing from this page click the ‘Unfollow’ button on each listing.

Follow a location

  1. Go to the ‘Follows’ tab in your account. See instructions above to get to this tab.
  2. The first section is labeled ‘Followed Locations’
  3. Type the name of a city or province in the text field. The field will auto complete to help you find the city or province that you started to type.
  4. Click the name from the drop down and click the follow button on the right.
  5. Remove a followed location by clicking the X next to each location.