About Punto Sur Propiedades

After seven months of in-house production and design by programmers and project designers in Cuenca, Punto Sur Propiedades (PSP) is positioned to increase awareness and information for both buyers and sellers of real estate throughout Ecuador.

By integrating Google maps to pinpoint locations of available housing and detailing features in a user-friendly design — in Spanish and English — registered users can access up-to-the minute information of rentals, properties sold, and those on the market.

Although there is no Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in Ecuador — these only exist in the U.S. and Canada — PSP aspires to fill that gap by providing information essential for buyers to chart activity, trends, and availability within the specific location of choice. Sellers will have access to market conditions, pricing, and “time on market” information to assist them in determining their own best interests, as well.

Currently, there is no way to search listings based on finding your location on a map. Normally you select the city and then see a list of listings for the city, but still, you have to open each listing to see where it is located. This website makes it easy to see where in each city a property is located.

The main goal of this web platform us to show available listings in different parts of Ecuador.

A few clarifications are in order; Punto Sur is not a real estate agency.

PSP is not supported by commissions on sales or rentals. Neither do they handle rental or sale agreements or any kind of paperwork. PSP does not negotiate on behalf of any client or property manager. Rather, Punto Sur is a platform for advertising property listings.

Cuenca, and in fact, all of Ecuador is growing. PSP’s mission is to provide the general population of buyers and sellers of real estate a resource to draw from that exhibits in real time the opportunities available to make secure and sound decisions regarding establishing a home or investing in the future.